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Afghanistan is full of them! Every traveler will find something or the other of interest in this country. Exploring more about this land will make you love it more for its beautiful lakes like the Band-e-Amir that has a cluster of five beautiful lakes. It’s an amazing geological formation which has deep blue water.
Afghanistan – an incredible treasure on earth

If you want to find treasure on earth, then it has to be Afghanistan and if you think it is all about the volatile and hostile situation here, then you are missing on something that you will never see anywhere else. Book one of the best Afghanistan holiday packages to an amazing and unique destination!

Afghanistan is a land where you find one of the most sacred sites in the world. Kabul remains the most loved city by the tourist and fascinating too, which has the old charm as well as new. With a history of around 6, 000 years, you will be amazed to find fantastic monuments, attractions and architecture. Get going with the best Afghanistan tour packages this vacation with your loved ones.

There are plenty of interesting travel packages to choose from. Like the city of Ghazni, particularly famous for the sheepskin embroidered coats and a great capital of the Ghaznavid Empire in the by- gone era of 994 to 1160. Here you will find many places of interest like the Citadel fortresses, the Palace of Sultan Massoud III or the mausoleum and more.

People have to check the travel packages because the country has some of the world’s most beautiful scenic beauty!

Best time to visit

The country is a landlocked and mountainous land and has four seasons. So traveling at any season can be good. You can get a closer look of the country in all seasons.

January to march

January and February experience colder climate and March can be a good weather as the spring arrives. The melting snow from the top of the mountain slopes causes the rivers to gush. Rain is also experienced at this time. However, the blooming season has set, and visitors can enjoy the best of the Afghan New Year too.

April to June

April continues with the spring season, and when June sets, it is summer season. It’s boiling here during the day, but the atmosphere is cooler at nights.

July to September

The whole of July, August and September months experience summer season. Temperatures can soar very high.

October to December

At the onset of October, the winter season starts to show its presence and the late severe winter season can be experienced with snowfall and freezing temperatures.

How to reach

The choice of transportation in Afghanistan can be limited because there are security issues. However, if you get a car from the government of Afghanistan with special permission, transportation can be easy.

By air – flying in Afghanistan is not seen much within the interiors of the country; however, there are flights from a foreign destination in Kabul.

By road – if you want to travel within the country, then you can get into minibuses that make you journey through the countryside and the mountainous regions. The trip is an exciting one as you won’t see much modernization, yet you will love the ruggedness of the region. There are some tar roads as well, and the fresh air will leave you refreshed for the journey ahead.

By rail – only some prominent places are connected by rail, and you can take up one if you are reaching to Heart, or Kabul, or Mazar e Sharif or Kandahar. The route will give you an in-depth knowledge of the rural areas as well as the countryside that you will not be able to see from an airplane.


Afghanistan Tourism

There are some security issues, but the situations getting better and better; Afghanistan has better scope to increase its tourism and provide a better scenario as well.  The country is vast and diverse, and therefore tourism can easily flourish here. The landscape and the beautiful Hindu Kush mountain range beckon all to enjoy its magnificence. While there are attractive Afghanistan tourism packages that you find, you also get to customize them as well. Ensure that you are being taken care of as the country is vast and without a good Afghanistan tourism guide, it would be difficult to enjoy the beautiful country.

Enjoy the bliss of being in the lap of nature and relax in the tranquility of it. So get ready and enjoy Afghanistan tours this vacation.


Things To Do


As we see it in the news, the country has been under heavy influence of religious and political views, yet has the best-sacred sites and finest monuments the world has seen. Mesmerize in the beauty of the great architecture here when you see the Mosque, the mausoleum, and the minarets
Visit the shrine of Hazrat Ali, the mosque of nine cupolas, the tomb is popular for its Mughal architecture and the inscription that has been painstakingly inscribed here. The two giant Buddha idols would have been a treat to the eye if they did not have been destroyed. The place is still fantastic, and you could marvel at the Buddha idols which don the vast hills in Bamiyan.
You would be excited to see the Mausoleum in Ghazni as it is elegantly carved in typical Afghan marble there are many other historical monuments here along with the palace. The grace with which the monuments stand is something to be seen to be believed. The elegance that they provide is something that one has to experience.
Other monuments


Museums are places where you would love to see what the place is all about and its history with their culture and tradition. Afghanistan is rich in its culture and traditions, and that is why you need to have a glimpse of the country.
Museums here are well kept, and you would love to see all about the country here.
Kabul Museum is quite popular and is a treasure house of the Central Asian history. It is highly praised for its antique collections which are unique. Here you will enjoy checking the priceless paintings and the manuscripts and items related to the art, objects and weapons. You get to see objects from the period of Kushan and the early Buddhist period as well as early Islamic time.
There are show pieces related to India, Persia, Arab, China and central Asia. The display of Bagram collection is worth having a look at. Why you could also see Roman and Greek coins here that belong to the 8th till the 19th century.
The provincial museums are also the best ones you will find here like the Herat, Nangarhar, Balkh and Kandahar. With the change of situation in the country, these museums have started declining, yet what attracts tourist is the magnificent collection that they cannot find elsewhere.
Other museums
Kandahar museum
Museum of Islamic art, Ghazni
Sultani museum

Parks And Garden

You might think that Afghanistan does not have the kind of stunning beauty of gardens and parks, but it is not so. Here you get to see some exotic gardens and parks that were built since the ancient kings and rulers.
Many gardens still exist, and you can get to see them in its modern form. You will definitely enjoy a stroll here with your kids and friends.
The gardens of Babur or the Bagh e Babur is a strikingly beautiful garden that was created under the rule of the Babur. It is a garden built on 11 hectors of land with assorted plant life, greenery spread like carpet everywhere and a marble mosque and the tomb of Babur.

Places to see around

The Khyber Pass is incredibly beautiful with amazing history to it as well as natural beauty. Enjoy the stunning mountain ranges and the pathway where history was created. It’s truly a dream come true when you visit the place due to the importance given to it.
Visit Bala Hissar as it is famous for the magnificent views from the ancient fortress on the mountains. This fortress is an old one and still stands as a witness to the glory of the past era. Hindu Kush is another prominent place here. Bamiyan is the main town here that has the great Buddha statues which were destroyed, much to the displeasure of the people of the world.
Marvel at the Hindu Kush and see the massive mountain ranges that stand majestically and protect the area. It comprises of stunning scenery that you enjoy throughout your journey.
Other attractions are:
Minaret of Jam
Panjshir valley
Tora Bora


You can say that Afghanistan presents a unique picture of nature in its various forms. Although you do see different kinds of natural beauty spread all over the earth, this country comprises of the rugged as well as the stunning greenery found here. There are peace and calmness surrounded everywhere in the country. The tranquil settings that you find in the central highlands are breathtaking.
Simply bask in the beauty of the blue lakes in Bamiyan. The water color of the lake is a deep shade of blue that contrast beautifully with the desert around it and the blue sky.
The natural beauty of Afghanistan is unspoilt, rugged and visually stunning. You get to see snow capped tall incredibly beautiful mountains, with rivers flowing by in their own mood. The valleys are admirable and unparalleled too.
Natural beauty places
Zebok valley
The Wakhan corridor
Panjshir valley

Shopping In Afganistan

Unlike other parts of the world, here the shopping scenario is not truly vibrant, but there is no dearth of unique products that you find only in Afghanistan. You can buy the most exquisite products here. Some of them include jewelry, carpets, rugs, woodcarvings and more.
A handful of shopping malls can be seen in the city of Kabul that showcases a youthful atmosphere here. There are retail shops, stores and street shops as well. You can enjoy all kinds of shopping here and that too peacefully. Various streets are lined with stores and shops selling different articles and products that will delight the buyers.
If you love carpets, then Afghanistan is the right place where the craftsman creates handmade carpets using vegetable dyes. There are many markets that sell rugs of different sizes and colors that are stunning which adorn your homes.
Buy Lapis lazuli here as the rock is unlike anywhere in the world. The gem is the finest here, and if you know how to choose one, you will get the brightest stone.
The best places are the Chicken Street and the Flower Street in Kabul where you can buy plenty of things, and you can also bargain here.

Food In Afganistan

The Afghans love to eat wheat, barley, rice and maize. Dairy products are consumed daily, and that is why you see various dishes based on these foods. It is the Kabuli Palaw that is known as the national dish. Relish on the tasteful fusion that you get here. The cooking is a blend of different cultures like the Indian influence is largely seen here.
Dining out is truly enjoyable here, especially in Kabul. There are restaurants as well as street food stalls that you see and enjoy in the city. If you want a taste of the local food here, then head straight to the streets.
Restaurants are best found in Kabul some of them are Le Jardin, Caravan restaurant, The Grill, Serena, etc.
Street foods are much popular here for its local taste and affordable prices as well. You can see them flourishing in Kabul.
Dishes – some of the popular dishes that you must try are the Qabli Pulao, Kebabs, Qorma, Mantu, Shorma, various bread and rice dishes and plenty of sweet dishes as well.


There is pretty much a lot to do and see in the country, and you will enjoy every bit of it. Fun activities are enjoyed here by the locals and the tourists as well.
Trekking to sites and driving through world’s breathtaking mountains is a favorite pastime here. Drive across stunning plains of Shomali or visit the ruins of the Buddha statue in Bamiyan or even take a ride to the chain of the lakes.
You can go out on a picnic as well. Simply build a tent and roll on the carpet, throw some pillows and barbeque here along with the locals. It’s fun and you will enjoy the natural scenic atmosphere too.
The Kabul Zoo is an exciting place where you get to see almost 100 animals.

Nightlife and entertainment

Nightlife here is not as vibrant as other places in the world, but you could get to have a great time nevertheless. You can find a number of decent eateries dotted around Kabul that provide a good meal. Or you could find people in a circle sitting and having a chat with the Hookah and a glass of tea.