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The world is discovering a new destination to explore, and that is the gulf country of Bahrain. The country has incredible natural spots that you can admire and enjoy along with the historic monuments. The country’s relationship with water is well known, and the beauty of the country enhances with it. Book a Bahrain tourism guide if you want to know everything about the country when you visit it. The country is now getting recognized for its modern features of entertainment and the rich ancient history that it has to showcase. So the best way would be to choose Bahrain tourism packages that you prefer according to the time you prefer. Select Bahrain tours will help you understand the reason of settlement and help you know the significance of the sweet water springs that helps civilization here. The reason behind the pearls is also the sweet water springs, which helped the trade here.  
Learn why Bahrain can give you the best time this vacation

Did you think the Bahrain was not the right destination for your holiday? Well, now you need to know about the country closely as it is called the ‘Garden of Eden’ from the Biblical times. The second name is the ‘Pearl of the Gulf’ as it is the archipelago of almost 33 islands!

Now don’t you think you have to visit the pear and the garden of the Middle East? Get ready and check out the best deals of Bahrain holiday packages that will provide you the best deals and destination.

The country is liberal by the gulf standards, yet conservation by western standards. Manama is most modern and is westernized too so you can have an easy vacation without being cautious about anything. Bahrain tour packages include exotic destinations that you have not yet experienced and relaxed atmosphere to give you a good feel about the country.

You can begin by visiting the archeological sites, in Manama. The country is blessed with 33 islands, so there is no dearth of natural beauty. Add to it a rich history and culture and of course the cosmopolitan nature of the capital city and your vacation will be complete. Visit the Old houses of Muharraq or may be the Bahrain fort. It’s marvelous to check the archeological site that has human residents dated back from the 2300 to 1700 BC.

Bahrain travel packages are attractive that include many attractive sites in the country along with monuments, nature attractions and a vibrant side of the city that is not visible to the world.

Best time to visit

Bahrain is a hot and humid country and therefore most of the tourists prefer to visit it during the winter seasons. This is the time the visitors can carry out outdoor activities and enjoy the country closely.

January to March

These months are pleasant as it is the winter season here. The days are warm, and the nights are cold. One can enjoy a visit to the beach, park and other places as well.

April to June

These months are not very hot, yet the temperatures are a little bit high, yet a good weather if you are unable to visit during the winters.

June to September

With June setting in, it is time that the country experience summer season. It is very hot indeed during summer and the temperatures rise to 50 degree Celsius.

October to December

A pleasant weather prevails over the country, and this is the time when tourists from all over the world flock to the destination to enjoy this country.

How to reach

Bahrain is a country in the Middle East and comprises of almost 33 islands. So what that means is that you will be travelling through the waters more. The islands are beautiful, and that makes you journey pleasant and enjoyable.

The country has great transport facilities, and you can easily travel within the country or outside it.

By road

You can easily travel by road in the country by taxis, buses or private cars. The journey by road is great as you get to experience the country closely by catching up with the local people and the streets.

Taxis can be expensive, so take care that you book the taxis carefully.

By air

Bahrain is well connected by air to other countries. You can enter the country through Gulf Air. The flight is enjoyable as there are great connections to Asia and Europe. There are three airports in the country that can help you reach other cities in Bahrain.

Things to do


Bahrain is an ancient country with many interesting facts from the ancient times. The country has witnessed many rulers who have built many structures. Modern as well as traditional, Bahrain has some of the best monuments in the world. Surrounded by sea and comprised of islands, Bahrain has all been blessed with natural beauty to this land and enhanced the beauty.
Whether it is a mosque or the fort or the ancient burial mounds, you will be excited to see an entirely different style of structures and their culture.
The ancient burial mounds are a must visit place as it is considered the largest graveyards on earth. There are some impressive mounds here that belong to the royal families and very well protected too. Another attraction is the Al-Khamis Mosque, constructed way back in 692 and known as the oldest relics of the Islam. Check out the Kufic script and the mural, although faded provide highlights of the Islamic history.
Other monuments
Arad Fort – Muharraq
Riffa fort – East Riffa
Sheikh Isa bin Ali House – Muharraq
Bab Al Bahrain – Manama
St. Christopher’s Cathedral – Manama

For Kids

Tourist of all ages can enjoy Bahrain; it’s not just about the desert, sea and the sand. Kids will enjoy a trip to the Chakazoolu indoor play center that Dana Mall in the Sanabis. Here kids will get to enjoy the theme park, rides and roller coaster. There are 7D cinema experience and other attractions as well. There are around ten indoor play centers for kids in Bahrain.
Kids places
Al Dar Island – Manama city
Dolphin Park – Corniche
Ice skating – funland center, Corniche


Bahrain is an Islamic country, with over 85% of Muslim population, and the rest comprises Christians, Parsee, Jewish and the Hindu. If you want to visit Bahrain for religious reasons, then there are plenty of sites that will serve the purpose, and you would definitely not be disappointed at all.
You can visit popular mosques and other religious sites which are grand and oldest in the regions. The architecture and the style of the structure are unique and spectacular
Religious sites
Grand Mosque
Al Fateh Mosque
Al-Khamis Mosque
Ahmed Al Fateh Mosque


Bahrain has its own share of museums that are filled with historical objects as well as modern objects too. The interesting collection of the objects in the museums helps you get a better glimpse into the history of the country. They are all well laid out and preserved well to help tourist an insight into the past.
Popular museums
The Bahrain National Museum
Albareh Art Gallery
La Fontaine center of contemporary art
Beit Al-Our’an
Parks and gardens
Parks and gardens in Bahrain have been created since centuries and till date there are many such gardens that have become famous. Parks are gardens are a cool way of spending some time to relax and rewind. So when you want some change from the monuments and museums, you can relax in the gardens of Bahrain.
Water garden – Guffol
The garden is a great spot for a family with trees, water bodies and activities that families can enjoy.
Andulus garden – is also most visited by tourists for its beauty and recreation facilities.


The country is renowned for its natural beauty and its most popular archaeology of islands that make it beautiful. With various natural springs and the artesian wells, there is a large scope for natural beauty spread everywhere.The enormous rocky cliffs, the rolling hills and the shoreline that welcomes every visitor is a must visit.
While in the desert, you get to see the wild flowers and the wild date palms that are loved by the tourists. You can also spot a variety of wild animals . Do not forget to visit the 400 year old Tree of Life that has been there to witness the changes in the country. The mystique surrounding it will definitely mesmerize you. The beaches are excellent, and you will love the waters and the activities carried out here.
Natural places
Adari Park
Hawar Island
Al Green Park


Bahrain is a shopper’s delight. You can find exquisite items here that are unheard of outside Bahrain. So where it is a sweet or the carpets, you will find everything here in the shops, malls, streets and other high-end places as well.
The myriad alleyways comprise of products from spices to garments, and there are tailors as well who will be happy to stitch something for you. There are street markets as well as plush malls, and it is your choice as to where you would like to shop. If you want something local, then check the Persian carpets here or the Bakhoot or the Bahraini incense.
Street markets
You can see them in various bigger cities, and you can have some fun here when you see hundreds of products. Manamak Souk is one such busy street where you get to see hundreds of products that are local and of interest to the tourists.
Shops and stores
The seventh heaven is one of the shops that is for the luxury lovers. Here you get only the branded labels and something that is very fashionable and international.
The Bahrain Mall in the Sanabis district that comprise of shops for everything you need. You get to lay your hands on the traditional as well as modern.
If you want to shop for gold, then it is the Gold Souk that you should be in. This three storey structure is a huge place where you haggle for jewelry or get something custom made for you.


Eating here is not an issue at all. You get to see different kinds of cuisines like British, Lebanese, Turkish, Middle East and more. You can also ask for international cuisine.
Bahrain has all the kinds of foods that tourists prefer and you can differentiate them between Top-end, mid-range and budget food places.
Why not enjoy the Arab food for a change? Yes, the food is a little spicy and has strong flavors, but it’s authentic and very different too. After all, you are here for a change and to experience something different.
Go for the local food like the Falafel, Machboos, Muhammar, Qoozi, Shawarma, etc. Bread along with Hummus makes a yummy delight.
La Fontaine
Melh Al Zaad


There are plenty of activities that you can around in Bahrain. As you are here for a vacation, you need to make the most of it, because, Bahrain is a beautiful country with ancient roots and modern way of life.
Pearl Monument
One of the landmarks of the country, the Pearl Monument was once the income of the country. It now represents the states in the gulf. It is a white structure which has a pearl that towers over the center roundabout that has six sails, and each represents the six countries.
If you want other activities, then you should experience the fun that you get at the Coral Bay. The place offers a wide range of water sports that are of international style.
Other activities
Beach at the Coral Bay
Al Jazayer beach
Dolphin resort
Royal Golf club


Nightlife of Bahrain comprises of bars, clubs, lounges, entertainment and more. You can enjoy the nights in any part of the country as you get many stylish bars that cater to your needs. Besides, you can also enjoy music like jazz or belly dancing or the Live Arabic bands, etc.
There are perfect places for the youth and tourists who are on a short visit to the country.
La Bellevue
Traders Vic’s
Cocoon Lounge
Boatyard bar
The Burlington club
You can also choose to go to the BJ’s or the Warblers or Diggers for some Arabic entertainment – a different way to enjoy the night.