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Iraq has a rich ancient history and a very colourful modern one. The oil-rich nation has progressed quickly and built an impressive infrastructure within a very short time. Sprawling cities interspersed with desolate desert lands are a common sight here, and you can expect to find here all the attractions that are common to a desert area. Iraq is also a favourite destination for lovers of history, who often undertake journeys to explore and observe the last remaining signs of the earliest of civilizations that once roamed this land.
About Iraq

Take walk down the smaller cities of Iraq, and the beauty of the golden age still shines through, despite years of conflict. Home to some of the earliest human civilisations that the world knows about, the country has a rich and a highly varied past that has given it a distinct and unique character. The desert climate and the ever changing political structure of the region has led Iraq to the formation of culture that is startlingly different from what one would expect to find in such a reason. The culture, however, is endearing all the same, and ensures that Iraq travel packages offer a unique travel experience.  Whether it is the striking Sami Abdulrahman Park, or the Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib Shrine, Iraq is steeped in rich history, and has survived through endless conflicts to reach the point where it is today.

Explore Iraq and experience adventure tourism in an utterly new way. The geopolitical situations in the region notwithstanding, Iraq has some truly delightful attractions that you would love to witness first-hand. All of this ensures that there are a lot of people who are not only interested in Iraq tourism packages, but also enjoy a holiday in Iraq whenever they are presented with that opportunity.

Venture into a world that has remained blissfully unaware of the occurrence in the rest of the planet. Iraq holiday packages offer you the opportunity to go on a gripping journey that is fulfilling as well as gratifying.

How to reach Iraq

By Air

It is quite easy to fly down to Iraq from various countries of Europe, America, Asia and Middle East. There are many international and domestic airports that connect Iraq with countries all across the world. Baghdad International Airport is located just 16 kilometres from the centre of the city. Apart from this Airport, there are Basra Intl. Airport, Erbil Intl. Airport, Najaf Intl. Airport, Sulaimaniyah Intl. Airport, Mosul Intl. Airport that handle flight to countries like Vienna, Austria, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Amman and many more places.

By Train

Trains services have been suspended owing to certain disturbances in the area.

By Car

The highways are in good condition, and Iraq can be reached from Turkey and Jordan. Though the trip will be a long one, it will certainly be memorable to cruise down the desolate roads of Iraq. For those people who think of the road as their second home, this is a ride they simply must take.

Iraq Tourism

Iraq called the cradle of civilisations is one of the oldest historic lands you will ever land your foot on. Iraq is still one of the world’s most important Islamic centres and has seen the birth and extinction of many cultures and civilization. Those who can look beyond the chaos that prevails in Iraq, it is the gateway to a very rich and varied past. Iraq tourism packages can be availed to make the trip easier and more convenient. The Iraq tourism guide will help you to a great extent to plan your Iraq trip efficiently.

The country is gearing up for a change and has started to take steps to promote tourism. When you do arrive here, what all can you expect to see when you are in Iraq?

Swarming with the dilapidated remains of ancient empires, ruins of devastated massive mosques, city ruins, and some of the most spectacular holy sites, Iraq holds much importance as a country in the Middle East.

The Highlight of the country from the perspective of a traveller is the mesmerising  13th century Abbasid Palace in Baghdad, the mud-brick made Arch of Ctesiphon, an engineering icon of its times, the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the colourful and flamboyant Baghdad Bazaars.  Also, the quaint Basra City, considered the Venice of the East because of the similar interconnected canal system and houses lined up alongside also add to its charm. Other highlights include Erbil, which is steadily steering ahead to become a modern city. Kurdistan, the safest place in Iraq, has a slew of mountain resorts, which is the perfect gateway from the chaotic life to a peaceful one.

If you are planning a trip to Iraq, get ready to experience one of the oldest place which has seeded so many civilisations and cultures. Everything from the ancient monuments and the delicious cuisines will sweep you off your feet. Iraq tours should however be planned carefully and so that you do not miss on any place that is worth visiting.

Things to do


• Monuments
Iraq has still managed to keep the beauty of some of its cities intact. The Abbasid palace in Baghdad is a monument that is soaked in the rich historical marvels of Iraq. The oldest civilization of the world has thrived here in Iraq, and the castle stands testimony to the highest level of art that the artisans practiced here. The Abbasid palace was built around 13th Century and overlooked the Tigris River. When you look at the Palace, you can easily reminisce that Baghdad was once the commercial and educational hub. The Ali Baba Square is another famous structure located in Ali Baba square and depicts the story of Ali Baba and forty thieves. The city of Ur must be included in your list of itinerary as it will leave you awestruck when you visit the city. The buildings in the city are as old as 4000 BC. The well-preserved site is a sheer delight to watch and cannot be afforded to miss. An engineering marvel of such ancient times, Arch of Ctesiphon is made of mud brick, which was quite an achievement in those days.
• Religious
Tourists with religious inclinations can visit the Ummayad Mosque. Built in 640 AD, the tower of the mosque still stands tall, though somewhat leaning like the Leaning tower of Pisa.
• Museums
Showcasing the memories of Victory of Alexander the Great over Darius III is the Erbil Museum, located in the city of Erbil that is the capital of North Iraq. There is a collection of artefacts belonging to the Sumerians and Abbasids showcased here in the museum. You will be delighted to watch these fabulous items and know more about them. It will be like living the past when you are surrounded by these artefacts.
• For kids and family
If family hangout is on your mind, you better head towards Basra, also called the Venice of East. The canals are constructed here, and the houses are scattered along these canals. This island town offers an ideal place for enjoying a stroll or picnic with the family. The Shatt-al-Arab Hotel located here also serves as an excellent spot for hanging out with the family. Basra also holds much importance as it is still the main port for tankers, large ships and dhows.
• Landmarks
Babylon is a significant historic city, and its history dates back to 2300 BC, when it was a major religious and commercial centre. The world famous Hanging gardens of Babylon is located here and is a spot that cannot be missed when you have visited Iraq.


While in Iraq, you can lay your hands on many unique artefacts and stuffs. Apart from traditional items, modern shopping malls have also opened up in Erbil. Various supermarkets and department stores have also emerged here. Naza mall situated on the Kirkuk Erbil Road is touted as one of the most popular and modern shopping destinations in Iraq. The Shaqlawa Road’s Hawler Mall is another shopping destination that the locals and tourists flock. Another great place to indulge in shopping in the town includes NewCity supermarket located on 60th Street. The Eskan neighbourhood now also boasts of the Reihn mall which is an up and coming area in Iraq. A more newly-established and western-styled shopping malls, Majidi Mall features international brands and up-market fashion boutiques. There is a large hypermarket in the basement as well. Another mall called the Family Mall is the by and large the biggest shopping complex in the country, but the travellers normally prefer the more buzzing outdoor flea and street markets.
The local shops are ideal for souvenir shopping. There are numerous stalls that sell brightly-coloured rugs and carpets. Fresh spices, silver and Copperware, are also found in aplenty. The flea market will leave you awestruck with the range of items it sells.

Food and Cuisine

Baghdad’s Green Zone is a safe place to let your taste buds relish some great fast food as there are more fast food joints than restaurants. Dishes that are must-try for tourists in Iraq include masgouf and tepsi baytinijan, and both the dishes are available with ease. Masgouf is prepared with roast freshwater fish which is marinated in olive oil, salt, curcuma and tamarind. It is generally served with garnishes like lime, tomatoes, finely chopped onions and bread. It is also the national dish of Iraq. Tepsi baytinijan, on the other hand, is a baked casserole consisting of various ingredients like potatoes, aubergine, meatballs, garlic, onions, and tomatoes.
There are many nice places to eat out in Iraq, and if you are a Kebab lover, you will fall in love with the place. The Green Zone in Baghdad is where you can get international food like American fast food in popular chains of fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King. A more local dining experience in Iraq can be had at Marsa Al-Zawariq. You will find some exotic and delicious kebabs here.
Erbil also has its share of restaurants that serve multiple cuisines. The Erbi International Hotel (Erbil) has an on-site restaurant that is famous for its Asian cuisines and curry dishes. Sajalreef Restaurant located on Kurkuk Baghdad Road in Erbil and Tarin Restaurant on Saladeen Road also deserves a visit.


As the country becomes more tourist-friendly, the government is also trying to induce various activities. There are a plethora of activities that the tourists can indulge in apart from exploring the ruins of the most ancient Mesopotamian civilization. When you set out to explore the cities of Iraq, you will able to observe how advanced the people of a bygone era were in matters of planning and culture. The city of Bagdad was once the hub of commerce and education, but was devastated to ruin due to continuous invasions. Various river tours and eco-tours are organised in Iraq, which is the best possible way to see the hidden treasures the country has to offer.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Due to certain restrictions and security concerns, nightlife is not prevalent in Iraq, but you can easily find bars, pubs and clubs to hang around and enjoy a few drinks. T bar sports lounge and the German Bar are the best places to enjoy the drinks and have fun till evening sets in.

When to visit Iraq

Iraq has a typical middle eastern climate which makes it very hot in summers and chilling cold in winters. Generally, the spring and autumn is the best time to visit Iraq. The temperature in the month of December to February is approximately 60 to 65 F that is quite cold. However, in the month of March, April and November, the temperature is just suitable for travelling. This is the period when Iraq receives rainfall, however; it is not torrential and will only make the weather even more pleasant. Hence, winters and spring season can be considered as the best time to visit Iraq.
However, if you plan a trip to Iraq in the summers, it is advised to pack loose clothing. There are certain festivals in Iraq and are also considered an ideal time to visit the country as the entire country revels in festivity. Some of these festivals include Assyrian new year, which falls on the 1st of April, an Iraq short film festival held during the month of August and September, the Babylon International Festival held 22nd of September through 1st of October and Christmas Holiday. The tourists can also visit Iraq in the holy month of Ramadan when the whole country is immersed in the festivity.