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Japan will fascinate you with virtually everything. The sights, people and everything else about Japan is just unique and awe-inspiring. Despite the knowledge barrier, you will never feel lost in the country. Japan has kept its tradition intact while pushing it ahead in the realm of technology steadily. From technology in Tokyo to religious shrines in many places in Japan, the country has an array of attractions to offer to the visitors. It caters to the taste of every tourist with lots of options. Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world because its scenic beauty as well as modern cities. Those tourists who love historical monuments will not be disappointed in Japan as it offers various such sights. The monuments in Japan include ancient tombs, shell mounds, forts, castles and other sites of historical and religious value. The monuments in Japan include Eight views of Omi, Hiroshima peace memorial, KiyomizuDera, Himeji castle, Great Buddha of Kamakura, Todaiji Temple, Tokyo tower, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Golden Pavilion and many more. Japan also has various attractions for kids like Tokyo Disney land, kids shops in Tokyo, sumo wrestler tournaments and museum for kids. The Studio Ghibli Museum, also called The Disney of East is quite a popular spot for kids.
About Japan

Japan is well known for its startlingly different culture and traditions that have remained unchanged for centuries now. The country is quite small and made up of a number of small and medium sized islands, and has one of the most resilient civilizations the world has seen. Japan is an island nation that lies in the East Asian region and offers marvellous tourist destinations. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and is a strato-volcanic archipelago also called Galapagos. It lies in a active belt of tectonic activities and experiences earthquakes on an almost daily basis. It has been devastated by Tsunamis, survived nuclear fallout, and emerged from many wars, yet the spirit of the country is such that it has resurrected itself each time. One of the most technologically advanced nations in the world today, Japan is home to some of the top electronics companies on this planet, and yet its people have maintained a close bond with nature.
Are you a fan of Japanese movies, or their popular cartoon style known as anime? You will be surprised to discover how similar the real Japan is to these forms of art. The cherry blossoms you see in movies are not just real, but also just as beautiful!
Japan offers pristine beaches, rugged mountains, beautiful cities and an entirely different way of leading life. Japan travel packages are the best way to explore the city as a guided tour is easy and more enlightening. The countries balances tradition with modernity quite well and the tourists could experience that well. While you have beautiful traditional Buddhist monasteries to seek guidance and peace, there are also fast bullet trains that will provide the right dose of exhilaration. The culture of Japan teaches the people to possess the ability to put in their best, called gamburu and bear pain without complaint, called gaman. The Japanese have kept their culture and tradition in the highest spirits without being averse to modern advancements.
Japan holiday packages are available with various tour providers and holiday planners. These Japan tour packages make the trip economical and enhance your experience significantly.
How to get to Japan
Japan is well connected with most of the Asian, European and American countries by air. The inter-connectivity of the cities within the Republic of Japan is also very robust and reliable. There are either direct flights or connecting flights to and from Japan to most countries of the world. There are many international airports like Osaka airport, Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Central Japan Airport and Fukuoka airport. These airports connect Japan from America, Europe, Asia and other destination. The chief airport in Japan is Narita Airport which is at a distance of 80 kilometres from the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. The rest of the airports in Japan handle less than traffic the Narita Airport as it is the busiest Airports in Japan.
Japan has a good connectivity within the country via road. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan is connected to other cities like Nagoya, Toyohashi, Handa, etc. via road. The bus service in Japan is also quite praiseworthy as it connects the city well. If you have your own vehicle, you can get to Japan using its excellent road connectivity. The train network on the other hand is also world famous. You can take the train from the main islands of Japan to the capital city of Tokyo. The bullet train service of Japan, called Shinkansen is the fastest railway in the world and is known for its speed, punctuality and no history fatal accidents. All the major cities of Japan are connected with the bullet train.
Japan Tourism
Tourism in Japan is thus a complete package for the travellers. The way of life in Japan will have deep impact on your soul when you will observe their perseverance power. The travellers seeing their patience and meticulous approach often quip that why are not they like the Japanese. From fast bullet trains to religious shrines and natural scenic beauty of Mount Fuji to beautiful gardens and park, Japan has a lot to offer to the visitors. It will not be an exaggeration that Japan is a country where you will not only collect some of the best memories of life but will also get to learn a lot as well. The country is famous for its impeccable work culture, and helpful residents who will often go out of their way to help complete strangers. From the densely populated Tokyo, to the quaint Japanese villages that look like they have stepped right out of a picture. Japan tourism guide often mention how Japan is a land of many colours, and will fascinate you with its brilliant culture and resilient spirit. The country still holds its traditions dear, and adheres to very high standards of moral code, making staying in Japan a delight. Take advantage or Japan tourism packages and explore this land of the rising sun. A few weeks in this astounding nation will change your perception about a lot of things in your life. Like a fresh breath of air, Japan tourswill rejuvenate you, its culture will delight you, the amazing people you meet will amaze you, and the time you spend here will fill you up with an insurmountable joy.

Things to do

cultural and religious

Japan is a country with rich cultural and religious background. There are several places in Japan, which is of high religious importance. Buddhism religion is prominent in Japan and hence you will find many shrines and temples here. Some of the famous temples and sites of religious importance are Byodin, Chionin, DaitoKuji, Fushimi Inari shrine and Ginkakuji. All these religious sites are located in Kyoto. In Kamakumara, there is a famous statue of Lord Buddha. There is also Hasadera, a shrine located in Kamakumara.
Tourists who are fond of visiting museums will not be disappointed either as there are several historic and cultural museums in Japan. Kofukuji National Treasure Museum is a temple with a hidden treasure. The museum showcases some exceptional Buddhist art. Another museum called the Nara National Museum is a little old and is the most traditional museums depicting Buddhist religion. The Adachi Museum of Art has a beautiful lush garden apart from Japanese paintings and tablewares.
There are parks and gardens galore which include Jigokudani Monkey Park, Makino Memorial garden park, Hakodate park, Moriai Memorial gardens, Butsugaiken Gardens, Narumi Family garden, Former Yamasaki villa garden, Yokohama Park, etc. there is a long list of parks and gardens in Japan which has appealing beauty and must be visited.
Japan has no dearth of scenic beauty as the nature has bestowed it with plenty. Being an island country, it is surrounded by the beautiful pacific sea and lakes. Motsuji Gardens, SandanKyoravine, Mount Fuzi, Chinda falls and Kiyan coast are some of the spots that offer impressive natural scenic beauty.
As it has been mentioned earlier, Japan is deeply attached to its culture and make technological advances with their traditional heritage intact. Some of the most famous cultural places in Japan that must not be given a miss are The Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Sensoji Temple, Gion in Kyoto, Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto and Okinawa world, etc.
Popular landmarks in Japan, which identifies the country are Mount Fuzi, Tokyo Imperial Palace and many more. These spots are synonymous with Japan and its rich culture and heritage.

Shopping destination in Japan:

• Flea Market: Not every tourist who visits Japan shops at International brand outlet. The flea market is the best place to find amazing stuffs at less price. The famous flea markets in Japan are Togo shrine near Harazuku station, HarajukuYoYogiKoen,Oedo antiques Fair, Nogi shrine, etc.
• Departmental stores: There are departmental stores and shopping complexes all over Japan. In Tokyo, you would find Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro and many other departmental stores. You can also find some of these in Osaka and Kyoto.
• Street Market: For buying regular inexpensive stuffs from Japan, Street market is the best. Dover and Amiyoko are the two most famous street markets in Japan.

Dining destinations and food in Japan:

Japanese are fond of food, but not of the regular variety, You can relish some exceptional traditional dishes like noodles, soba and Udon. Dishes made of fish are Oden and beef products include Sukiyaki.
In Japan, you would normally find restaurants that specialise in one type of dish. For instance, Shushi-Ya specialises in Sushi. KaytenZushi is another restaurants that send the food to customers on a conveyor belt. Ramen-Ya restaurant has ramen dishes as its specialization.

Activities and Adventures in Japan:

If adventure is what you seek in your trip, winter sports that are held in the last week of January and the first week of February in the Northern Japan after the snowfall. Hiking, Trekking, Camping and skiing are some of the most common adventure activities that the tourists can indulge in during their visit to Japan.
The visitors can also go to spas or take a swim for relaxation and rejuvenation, or ondlge in nature showers which have become very popular in Japan.

Nightlife and entertainment:

Nightlife in Japan is quite impressive as there are various night clubs and bars in Tokyo, Osaka and other cities in the country.Japan, especially Tokyo is replete with concert halls, where live music concerts are held at regular intervals. The tourists can book their seats beforehand to enjoy the shows.
With so much to do, Japan does tend to confuse people. Are you also confused where to start this promising adventure? Fret not! Packages and special tours offered by trusted names in the travel world will ensure that you have a memorable time.
Best time to visit Japan
The climate of Japan is diverse as the country stretches from north to south region. Owing to this fact, Japan can be visited throughout the year. In the month of January, Sapporo, which is located at the northern most regions of Japan experiences a temperature as low as -8 deg. Cel, whereas the southernmost city of Naha has a temperature range of 14 to 19 degcel. New Year is one of the three most important season when the activity of tourists and the travellers is on the peak. Between 29th December to 4th of January, many shops and restaurants are closed for at least one day. The rest of January is perfectly ideal for tourism. The weather is dry and sunny and the sights are not too crowded. The month of January is however ideal to visit cities that lie in the southern region of Japan because the northern region and coastal regions of Japan experience profuse snowfall during the period. Those who love snowfall and are fond of winter sports, the north Japan becomes a paradise. The month of October again is the one of the best time to visit Japan as the weather is relatively warm and the humidity is almost gone. The colour of the trees starts changing and the view is spectacular. The month of November is even better for visiting Japan as the weather cools down a bit more and Autumn colour sets in. The travellers’ activity is reduced except around the autumn leaf spots.