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South America


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When it’s South America you know it will be fun, fun-filled activities, impressive cuisine and great nightlife. Get ready for a journey that is filled with surprises and fabulous places that include beaches, jungles and of course adventure. The unparalleled stunning scenery of Brazil, or Argentina or even Peru are the dream destinations this vacation for you.
South America – dream destination for the vacationers

Why not try the diverse land of South America this vacation and book South America holiday packages? Well, it’s not all about Sombreros, or even Salsa or tequila, there is more to South America that will give you an adrenaline rush, soothes your senses and relaxes you to provide the right calmness and of course a grand feast for your taste buds.

Discover the ruins at the Machu Picchu or purely go deep to find the dinosaurs in Patagonia. Great cities are a welcome change that now have a great deal colonial past from Buenos Aires to the Bahia. Enjoy the sun at the stunning beaches in the spectacular Venezuela. Interested in whales?  Then move to Argentina.

Get going and check the best South America travel packages according to your preference. Enter the surreal deserts – South America has five of them! You can enjoy the Atacama Desert tours and witness the atmosphere as it is known as the driest hot desert in the whole world.

Reach the spectacular mountain ranges and explore the most popular Andes as it is the longest mountain range in the world. It simply runs from almost seven countries! Isn’t that amazing?

So get the best deals for South America tour packages and get going.


Things to do


Filled with world renowned sights that are manmade as well as natural wonders, South America poses to be one of the most sought after destination.
Embracing varied structures, ranging from religious inspired to the monuments from the colonial history, the continent is all about perfection and grandeur.
Those interested in monuments should first check Rio de Janeiro that owns the image of Christ the Redeemer statue on the Corcovado Mountain. This iconic statue is really huge at 30 meters height and is a signature landmark in Brazil. Enjoy the view from up top and get a 360-degree view of the grand city.
It’s not just Brazil, but Argentina and Buenos Aires also have thousands of monuments and a memory Park for those who died fighting for the country.
Check other important monuments like:
La Portada, The clock tower of Iquique – Chile
Floralis Generica, Obelisk, Pyramide de Mayo – Argentina
San Juan de los Morros – Venezuela

For kids

Costa Rica is one such place that your kids will never forget. They are definitely going to talk a lot about the zip lining rainforests and the sandy shores of Nicoya Peninsula. The thick jungle rides offer exciting fun to the kids, but it is better parents keep a vigil on them.
Do your kids loves exploring new places, then go to Galapagos islands, your kids will never get bored. Here they get to admire the enchanting species and the mysterious caves.
So whether you take them to the beach or the mountain ranges, fun is unlimited and plentiful activities. For a change, take kids to Casco Viejo for a view of the Panama City’s history.
Some favorite kids spots are:
Machu Picchu
Chilean Patagonia
Rio de Janeiro


South America is known for its diverse culture, three hundred languages and enormous religions. The religion here encompasses significant activity and faith. You will find the Roman Catholicism religion in various parts of the continent. Protestants are primarily seen in French Guiana.
One of the important sacred sites is The Coricancha, in Cusco. It’s peaceful here and will take you to a different world.
Why even Rio is known for its religious roots that go back to the 16th century! Check out the Rio de Janeiro Cathedral and discover know who Saint Sebastian was.


As a tourist, you would definitely want to get an in-depth knowledge about the place and what it means for the people here. The best way is through the museums.
Museums like the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires comprise of the world’s largest collection of sculptures and even paintings of Argentina from the 19th and the 20th centuries. You can take a peek at the pre-renaissance period as well. Get a closer look at the pieces by El Greco, Manet and even Gauguin.
Are you enthusiastic about Catholic art? Then visit Museu de Arte Sacra in Salvador, and you will be introduced to a vast collection of reliquaries, crucifixes and processional crosses.
Some of the famous museums are:
Centro Cultural Banco do, Sao Paulo museum of art, Museu Paulista – Brazil
Gold Museum – Colombia
Museum of memory and human rights – Chile

Places to see around

Let’s start with one of the famous countries called Brazil! There is more to it than just football. Go around, and you will find stunning beaches or take the cable car to the Sugar Loaf Mountains and enjoy the view. It’s worth living for this view.
Have you even seen the largest drop of 80 meters? No? Then head straight to the Iguazu falls that borders between three countries. It’s an incredible view! Remember, it’s one of the biggest falls in the world.
Interested in spectacular glory of mountain valleys, plains? Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and you will be stunned with the natural beauty around you. This place is a sublime one comprising of glacier – clad massifs, towering pinnacles, crystal-clear lakes and the sparking rivers that run without noticing anything and what’s more the majestically looming snow peaked mountains.
Great places around are:
Huacachina – Peru
Sau Paulo – Brazil
Salvador da Bahia – Brazil
Montevideo – Uruguay
Machu Picchu – Peru

Nature for you

Everyone is in love with nature and when it’s South America; you are loaded with a diverse nature here that is complete with wildlife, landscape, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, valleys and more.
Let’s begin with the grand Amazon – it’s marvelous; you simply cannot describe it in words. The enormity of it makes you stand in awe. This place is home dear to the wildlife species more than other places on earth. The Amazon basin, covering an area of over 4000 miles, owns two-fifths and more of the whole of the continent.
Love the Andes? Visit the mighty mountain that range 4500 miles and check the live volcanoes or even the Aconcagua – the greatest peak.
Imposing natural beauties
Galapagos archipelago – Ecuador
Angel falls – Venezuela
Lake Titicaca – between Bolivia and Peru
Atacama Desert – Chile
Patagibua – Argentina and Chile

Shopping – it’s inevitable here

Everyone loves shopping and while you are enjoying your vacation take a look at the different kinds of flea markets, the departmental stores, the malls, the street shopping and all that will make you happy.
Street markets – rush with your bag filled with money and start picking whatever you like at the Calle Florida in Buenos Aires. The unusual thing about it is that it starts at 5 pm up to 10 pm only. It is a pedestrians market, and you will find everything from leather shoes to local craft.
The marketplace and the street side shops are great bargain places, and there are rows and rows of gift shops and souvenir in Peru as well. Visit Agua Caliente and you will find products at affordable prices.
Departmental stores – they can be found in plenty and comprise of some of the plushest and complete stores where you get to shop everything you need.
Check out Falabella in Argentina as it’s a fabulous one for shopping when you are in Argentina.
Other favorite departmental stores are:
Ketal, Big Sur – Bolivia
Daslu, C&A – Brazil

Food – satisfy your palate

So whether it is the food or the wine, it’s none other than South America to tickle your taste buds. Enjoy a local dish here with a local glass of wine and you will instantly love the continent more.
Restaurants – get your plate full with the delicious cuisines at some of the most popular restaurants here. You get to find the finest dining as well as food for those who are simply not interested in the classy way of eating food.
Fine dining can be enjoyed at Latina in Buenos Aires where you can enjoy delicious cuisine in the most romantic atmosphere. Every course that you find here is unique in its taste and presented perfectly.
Le Soleil is another fantastic restaurant in Peru where you get French gourmet in a most unusual boutique restaurant.
For those who prefer mid-range restaurants, South America has them for all kinds of tastes. Enjoy your dinner at the Mar de Grau in Panama City or even the Restaurante Don Blas, the variety that is available is lip smacking and at affordable prices


Once you enter South America, you will forget the meaning of the word ‘bored’. That’s what South America is famous for. This is one destination where even a family, or a couple on their honeymoon or friends looking out for a grand pastime or even if you are alone will simply love what the continent has to offer. You will undoubtedly fall short of time!
Adventure: Begin by diving with the sharks in the ocean or hire a bike and ride on precarious paths that overlook the steep mountain cliffs in Bolivia or better still venture into the deep and mysterious Amazon jungle for days and get away from the world you know. Adventures here are unlimited with white water rafting, shooting dart, zip lining.
Paraglide in Rio and make your heart race up. You will soar like a bird and have a heavenly view of the city from the top.
Other adventure places:
Banos – Ecuador
Nevado Ojos del Salado – Andes
Torres del Paine National Park – Chile


You can have a relaxed atmosphere if you want to. Check for the quiet places like the beach town in Brazil or even Uruguay where you get to see long lonely beaches and sand dunes. Venezuela is another romantic place where you can unwind yourself over the mountains where you see small towns with people busy with their own thing.
Seascapes in Venezuela comprise of Los Roques archipelago national park and are the largest marine park that has a vast archipelago for you to enjoy in a natural environment like the beaches and crystal clear waters.
Try the natural hot springs in Chile Caliente. This place is full of volcanoes, and the water helps reduce exhaustion eliminates stress and glows the skin as well. There are plenty of resorts here to give you the much-needed peace of mind as it is situated in Picturesque Andes.
Relaxing places
Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu
Spa treatments in Ecuador

Nightlife and entertainment

If you want to experience the culture of the city, then night time is the best time. Looking for the party, then do not miss the clubs where you get to see the best dancing venues and the right vibe too.
Rio de Janeiro is the place for the night scene as it varied and interesting too. Find great clubs at the cities upper end and the Zone sul district too. Rio’s samba club is also great for shaking your leg.
Buenos Aires is also an exciting place for people of all ages. Enter the Palermo district where you get the best clubs and live DJs. The range of live bands will undoubtedly charge you here.

Best time to visit

Visiting South America is a great plan and what’s more, it is beautiful the whole year round. However, what exactly are you looking for is most important because here is the icy conditions of the Tierra Del Fuego or the Antarctic and the tropical humidity of the Ecuador. All the regions are beautiful and welcome you at any time or season.
Jan to March – from March, it is the fall seasons that goes on till June. This is the best time if you are in Buenos Aires or Igauaza falls or the Patagonia.
April to June – at the onset of June it is time to wear warm clothes as winter begins here. Why not visit Bolivia in these months the climate is great here.
July to September – from September it is the spring time that lasts till December. Chile is the place to be in this season.
October to December – the months are fun at the beaches and is the time to escape the summer heat. Visit Uruguay, Venezuela or Suriname.

How to reach

Travelling to South America by any mode of transport will make you happy as the journey is quite pleasing and will land you in the right destination.
Traveling by road in the continent will help you know the local culture and places more closely and there are also excellent transport facilities that will cater to your needs.
The rail travel will also give you a comfortable journey thought the mountains, valleys and the plains. Check out great destination on the route of travel so that you explore more even when you are traveling.
Air travel is fastest and preferred by many. Get a glimpse of the varied nature from different cities that help you unwind and relax while you go.

South America Tourism

South America is the land that will help you get active, relax and enjoy its the most popular tourist destination for people all over the world. Go with family or friends with the South America tourism packages that are available all over the world. As it is a vast continent, you need proper South America tours arranged so that you do not miss on any destination. Follow a good South America tourism guide to know the best on the continent.