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10 Weird but Unique Places in India

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We all know that India is an epitome of the world, a miniature world. What is not in India is not in the world. It is a unique country and its uniqueness is displayed in almost every part of the country. Here is a glimpse of that.

10 Weird but Unique Places in India

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1. Toilet Museum :- Toilet Museum is located in Dwarka, in West Delhi. This has to be one of the weirdest museums in the world. The Sulabh International Toilet Museum is indeed very different from what museums generally showcase. But you will still be amazed to see the huge collection of toilets of various styles from over 50 countries. Don’t be surprised if you get to see toilets decorated with jewels! You can find toilets from the Victorian era and even space toilets. The museum gives you an overview of the toilet and sewage system from 3,000 BC to the modern-day and you will surely be amazed to see how innovative and creative people were years ago.

2. International Doll Museum :- The International Doll Museum is located in the Children’s Book Trust in Delhi. This museum showcases dolls from over 32 different countries. There are approximately 7,000 dolls for exhibition with around 150 from India alone. You can find dolls from different parts of the world like the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Africa. The museum is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Do visit the museum with little kids and see their heavenly smiles.

3. Shani Shingnapur :- Can you imagine sleeping or even leaving your house with doors wide open? Well in India this happens. We are talking about a village located in Maharashtra called Shani Shingnapur. It has become a very famous village because of one of its unique features – the houses have no doors in them. It is believed that Lord Shani protects this whole village from theft, and if anyone tries to steal something he or she is punished by the Lord. It is a 400-year-old tradition and is definitely a unique place in the whole world.

4. Karni Mata Temple :- The Karni Mata Temple is situated about 30 km in the outskirts of Bikaner. This temple is indeed one of the weirdest places in India. As this Temple is also known as the ‘Temple of Rats’ it has over 25000 rats live here and they not only live, but they are also fed properly and worshipped regularly in the temple. There is a mythological story behind this. Laxman, the son of Karni Mata, once fell inside a pool. The goddess implored Yama, the Hindu God of Death, not to take the life of her son. God agreed to that and told her that all her sons would be reborn as rats and emerge from the pool. Thereafter almost all the rats here are treated as deities and are never harmed and they are taken proper care of.

5. Channapatna Dog Temple :- The Channapatna Dog Temple is situated in Karnataka, in Agrahara Valagerehalli village, in the vicinity of Channapatna. This temple was built in 2010. This place is for dog lovers. Not only the deity but also dogs are worshipped here. They believe that dogs protect the city from bad energy and evil power. The town of Channapatna too has an attraction of its own. This town produces some of the best wooden dolls and toys. If you love dogs, we guarantee that you will like this temple too.

6. New Lucky Restaurant :- Are you comfortable eating next to dead bodies? Well, then this place is for you. We are talking about the New Lucky Restaurant in the Lal Darwaza region of Ahmedabad. This restaurant was built almost 60 years ago by Krishnan Kutti. Mr. Kutti chose a Muslim burial ground as his site for the restaurant. He decided not to break or harm the tombs in any way, and he came up with an idea. Thus the restaurant tables and chairs are laid next to graves. This makes it a weird yet unique place in India.

7. Loktak Lake :- Loktak lake is located in Manipur. The unique feature of this lake is that it’s a floating lake. The unknown fact is that it serves as the largest freshwater lake in North-East India. This lake has a wide variety of flora and fauna. This serves as a way to earn livelihood for the locals. Another very unique feature of this lake is that the North portion of this lake has 5 streams. The middle portion has an island. And the South portion is the Keibul Lamjao National Park, which is again the only floating national park in the whole world.

8. Living Roots Bridge :- Just imagine a bridge completely made of roots of trees. And yes, that exists! We are talking of the Living Roots Bridge in Meghalaya. This bridge is located in the Khasi Jayantia hills of Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. This bridge is also called The Double Decker Bridge. This bridge is situated at an elevation of almost 2400 feet and is almost 3 km in length and is completely made up of the roots of rubber trees. This is a splendid example of the great artist that Mother Nature is. This place should be on your bucket list.

9. Magnetic Hill :- Ever thought how fascinating it would be if your bike or your car is pulled automatically towards a hill, and that too your engine is completely turned off. Yes, that happens in India! We are talking of the Magnetic Hill located in Ladakh. This is a very very unique creation of Mother Nature. This hill is about 11000 feet above sea level. This is a very popular spot among bikers. This hill is believed to have magnetic properties and therefore it pulls bikes and cars towards itself. You have to shift your vehicle engine to neutral gear at a spot marked white and then just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery and let the magnetic field do the rest of the job.

10. Great Banyan Tree :- The Great Banyan Tree is located in the Botanical Gardens, Kolkata. The botanical garden, containing various species of trees, was built in 1787. The banyan tree we are talking about is almost 250 years old. This banyan tree has formed the second most extensive canopy in the world. The main trunk is however now damaged due to a cyclone, but the rest of the roots have emerged firm and now they cover an area of almost 450 meters and is a jungle by itself. Your visit to India will remain incomplete without a visit to this unique friend of ours.

Now you have got a list of 10 unique weird places in India that should be on your travel bucket list. Visit these places and witness with your own eyes the great variety, diversity, and uniqueness of the land that India is.


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