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20 Different Types of Travelers You May Meet

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Look at the Types of Travelers to Know Where You Fall

Just like two human fingerprints never match, the traveling personality is hidden inside you never matches with anyone out there. Every human being is unique in its way. When some like solo travel in a low-cost manner having just a backpack with him/her, some love a week-long family tour spending several days in five-star hotels in a luxurious manner.

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If you have any doubt about which group you do belong to, here’s a quick look for you. Maybe you are one of these tourist types listed below here.

1.Nature Lover
Maybe you feel nature’s warm welcome in your blood every time you explore. Nature and you, both welcome in such a manner that it seems you have met your beloved trustworthy friend after a long long time. Nature’s warm welcome soothes your heart, your soul.

2. Photographer
Passion and memory, when you want to enjoy the moment having professional skill on one hand and a child’s never-ending spirit on the other hand at the same time you want to preserve those precious moments for the rest of your life… Maybe the “photographer traveler” is the best symphony that suits you the most.

3. Shopper
Many travelers enjoy shopping. Maybe they have a separate wardrobe for all those things they have brought once on trips.

4. Pioneer
Are you a big fan of suspense stories? Then you might like to explore new things on your trips. You may get charmed. Your body may feel the electricity in each nerve of your body each time you discover a new thing that comforts you the most. You get your satisfaction in this type of natural exploration.

5. Chatty One
Do you talk too much?? Do you enjoy the company of your pals? Do you get tired when you are lonely? Maybe you do belong to this category. This type of traveler enjoys making friendships with people all over the world and gets instantly connected with them. Too much friendly in reality.

6. Weekend Traveler
After a heavy workload through the entire week, many find it comfortable to stay away from a busy routine and spend weekends traveling. May it be a short tour or it is a long one. The weekend gap from work helps them to rejuvenate themselves.

7. Food Lover
We all enjoy eating. Some of us enjoy tasting different kinds of stuff that are not easily available in our 24*7 life. To them, deliciousness and happiness are the two sides of the same travel coin.

8. Rejuvenation
In today’s rustle hustle lifestyle, many of us forget to live the life we want to live. Sometimes all the duties, all the schedules become a nightmare to us. We feel like we are being choked from our job. We must rejuvenate ourselves to bring back life in our lives. To many of us, a short trip solves all the ongoing problems we are facing in our daily life.

9. Solo One
If you are an introvert you may like to spend most of your own vacation time only with yourself in nature’s lap. You don’t want any chaos that disturbs the melody you have already built in your heart in your rhythm.

10. Social Insect
In today’s social platform many of us love to share approximately all the things we are doing. Taking snapshots, editing, posting, sharing……all the moments they try to share on social sites.

11. Planners
Routine is life. Life is routine. Everything goes as it was planned before. This type of making a complete timetable, route map, check in check out schedule…… Everything and of course loves to do things as it was planned. They feel comfortable within a pre-planned timetable.

12. Non-Planners
Opposite of the planners. From the very beginning of the journey to the endpoint… Nothing happens according to the plan. They find their enjoyment in anywhere and everywhere type of journey.

13. Complainers
Do you find fault in everything? Nothing can make you happy? Probably you are one of those who complains about reach and everything. Life is so disgusting to them.

14. Travel Vlogger
In the technology era, it is very common that many travelers want to share their experiences on online platforms with other people who might not have got the chance to go there. They try to make their audiences feel like their country travelers.

15. Pilgrim
They are very much connected with religious belief and their desires after following pilgrimage trails and visiting religious temples etc.

16. Culture Vulture
Many of us want to get more knowledgeable by becoming part of varieties of cultures scattered throughout the world. We feel enriched from our inner side after becoming a small part of that culture even for a very little moment.

17. Notebook Must Tourist
These travelers try to describe nature through their views. They talk about the trip through their creative explanations which make the travel spot more attractive to the readers.

18. Budget Bucket
If you want to travel but consider travel expenses very seriously then you are one of those who try to minimize their expenses as low as possible. They feel the spirit of the trip in the tourist spot instead of in luxurious resorts, dishes, etc.

19. The Luxurious One
For them, travel is not complete without spending “quality time” in luxurious resorts, hotels, bars, etc. Maybe, to them, the beauty in travel remains hidden in spending lots and lots of money. The more money you spend, the more enjoyable it becomes.

20. Travel As Usual
This group belongs to those who do not notice anything too closely while traveling. They travel as vagabonds, enjoying wandering as wanderlust. Neither is there any first destination nor any last one. They just want to roam around the tourist spots.

No matter what type of traveler you are, the thing that matter the most is the spirit to travel
A different taste in everyday bitter dishes. You become an active member of the vast tourist family traveling all across the world. Please go for a trip, enjoy in your style, and observe our mother nature as closely as possible.

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