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Do you want to enjoy real India? Do not miss it’s yummy street food!

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Who does not love street food? These can be found all over the world, and everyone irrespective of his class and standard, finds time to grab the lip smacking street food which is highly irresistible. Indian street foods are simply great with a variety of snacks, dishes, fruits and drinks that can make awesome breakfast, sumptuous brunch, yummy lunch and a filling dinner to satiate your taste buds and make you feel full. These foods are popular all over the country being tasty, easily available and soft on your pocket too. Of course, every city and every street has its own specialty of the favorite snacks. Several large metros and small or rural places too have famous street foods.

Obviously, the safety of the street foods is another issue and remains to be a personal choice. There is the hygiene concern as well along with the freshness of the food. One might even wonder about the cleanliness of the place and the surroundings. But if you love the food, other things really don’t matter.


Don’t discourage yourself and lose an opportunity to taste the best food that can be found only on the streets. Some of the most famous street foods of India are mentioned here; have a look and get set to treat yourself with your favorite one, without much ado:

Panipoori or Puchka or gol gappa

Oh, those small balls full of spicy water! You can’t resist them! The dish is known by various names all over the country but is loved by each and everyone. This is a simple dish that can be found on every street of India. Want to beat the heat? If yes, rush to the street in the evening and taste these tangy-minty and sweet delights. It is a watery mixture of various spices that is poured in the puffed Puri with potato or even pea crush. This is a purely vegetarian snack and yummy too.

Chaat, Bhelpuri,

No fun-n-frill dish yet with a mind-blowing mix of flavors and tastes!  You do not need to have an occasion to grab a plate of chaat or Bhelpuri. Chaat is simply out of the world that comes with a fusion of taste and color. It is sweet, sour, pungent and a magical mix of various other flavors. In fact, chaat has given rise to different street snacks like bhelpuri, Dahi puri, shev puri, and many more. The Bhelpuri is another complete snack that is crispy, smooth, tangy and sweet in flavor. It is a convenient recipe where you can add or mix the leftovers and add sweet and sour chutneys, and you are ready to eat. It is one of most popular snacks and available everywhere.

Vada Pav

Yes, this is the Indian version to the western Hamburger! Of course, it is typically Indian taste with a bun sliced into two and in-between goes the potato tikki with chutney and sauce. This is a filling snack and is cheap and a favorite among the Mumbai locals. You have to taste it for the uniqueness of the dish. Mind you; you can get the finest vada pavs only at the street stalls and not in any restaurants.


A perfect evening snack right from the region of Gujarat – the delicious Dabeli! It’s a simple dish again served with tangy chutneys, potato filling and other spices that truly make Dabeli a lip smacking snack of the street. It is quite a filling dish that is economically priced and easily available.

Bhajjia or Pakora

Well, one does not need to introduce Bhajji or Pakora as it is an all time favorite of the taste savvy Indians. They love it like nothing else. The unique thing about the Pakora is that it can be made out of anything like potato, onion, chili or any other vegetable. Pakoras are crispy, deep-fried, crunchy, spicy and very tasty. These are to be eaten hot with tea or coffee.


Bikaner  – a famous place in Rajasthan is also famous for its Kachori, which is a specialty here. However, if you are in other parts of the country, you can savor this street snack as you can find it on every street of India today. The Kachori is a big round, deep fried puri that is filled with amazingly scrumptious spices. It is served with green and red chutney to enhance the taste. Kachori is very popular among the locals of the cities of India and it is quite filling too.

Chhole Bhature

Once a totally Punjabi dish, today it is well-known and popular all over the country. The spicy chhole will tickle your taste buds; you can eat chhole with bhature that are puris made with refined flour and deep fried. The best ones can be eaten in North India especially in Punjab and Delhi.


Samosa is a traditional Punjabi snack that is to be eaten hot with tea, especially in the monsoons. It is made in the triangular shape and filled with potatoes and other vegetables and spices. It is loved by one and all as a tasty and filling snack. It tastes exhilarating with the famous sweet and green chutneys of India.

Pav Bhaji

Originated in Mumbai, this popular street food has found people all over the world who love it. It is basically a vegetarian preparation with a fine mix of vegetables and spices, and served with buttered hot bun or pav. It is quite flavorful and easy to grab when you are in a hurry and want something filling. The taste will linger on until you are ready for the next meal.

Rolls and kebabs

These are popular non-vegetarian street foods that are favorite among all. Rolls are hot favorites among the youngsters or college goers as these are little westernized, yet a typical Indian version. Rolls are filling and made with non-vegetarian filling along with spices and onions filled in a roti made of refined flour or wheat flour. Kababs, on the other hand, are a small chunk of meat or fish or vegetables that are minced and grilled on a skewer. These are filled with spices, tangy flavor, and are served hot. Kabab is a popular evening snack. In fact, you can also check Shami kebabs, seekh kebabs, galawati kababs or paneer tikka as well.


Poha is an extremely popular snack which is very delicious and filling. Made out of poha, which is a form of rice, it is seasoned with nuts and other flavors to give a satisfying taste. It’s preferred for breakfast with tea or coffee. You can also have it as your evening snack to feel fresh with your evening tea.


Jalebi, a sweet dish that is quite popular across India. It is made out of refined flour, deep fried and then dipped into the sugar syrup to make you feel heavenly. In northern states of India, it’s eaten with curd. Whatever the style of eating is, one thing is sure – you are going to love it!

Idli – Dosa

Idli and Dosa make breakfast, lunch and even dinner for numerous Indians. Idlis are prepared with rice and served hot with Sambhar, a fine blend of pulses and vegetables mixed with traditional spices. Coconut chutney adds a tinge of taste to the tasty idli, dosa and sambhar.

Now when in India, it is a must to taste different street foods from the different cities. To know India in its true colors,  relishing these traditional and low-priced yet delicious  snacks is unavoidable. Come to India to submerge in the enchanting feeling of having heavenly street foods that make you fall in love with India even more!